The company was founded in 1993 by Yngve Andersson and Lars Elverskog as Vårgårda Industri AB. It did not take long before the business came to be referred to by its initials, Viab, and this is now the company’s official name. The founders of Viab had extensive experience of plastics production and toolmaking between them.

This combination of expertise quickly generated trust from large customers with very high demands on precision, quality and safety. Today, these remain important key words in the business.

Zero defects is not a goal. It is the bare minimum!


Family business with growth

Viab is owned and run by the family of Yngve Andersson. The company has enjoyed steady growth and has developed into a leading manufacturer of components with high demands on functionality. The consummate knowledge of tools and toolmaking within the company has made it possible to develop products and processes within many areas of application.

Two production units

In Vårgårda, production is oriented towards industrial technical components. In Ulricehamn, on the other hand, production is geared towards consumer products and products for the construction industry. Marketing, quality and administration functions are centralised in the head office in Vårgårda. This is also the site of a central workshop for tool manufacture and maintenance.

Från formspruta till färdig produkt

Viab förfogar över modern utrustning för formsprutning med upp till 300 tons låskraft.
Vi har också möjlighet att erbjuda våra kunder efterbearbetning och montering till färdiga produkter i egen monteringsavdelningen.

Vi kan erbjuda olika logistiska lösningar från batchleveranser till sekvens- och just-in-time-leveranser. Vi har kunder där vi utför förbrukningsstyrda leveranser direkt till kundens produktion (VMI).

Tradition and evolution

We aim to offer a high level of service based on quality, precision, safety and environmental awareness. Plastic is an excellent material for many purposes, but it is a finite commodity. Therefore, we always try to identify optimum designs and solutions to best take advantage of the material’s excellent qualities. No material should be consumed unnecessarily. Recycling is an important part of our business. Viab has been able to grow thanks to the help of experienced and talented employees and loyal customers, but we will never compromise on our desire to improve. We are constantly developing our work, our processes and ourselves.